Ladies!! These Are The Things You Should Never Do In The Name Of Love

We get it. You’re in love and you want to do everything your boyfriend wants without even batting an eye.

We get that he “completes your world” and you don’t want to do anything to let him down. Falling in love and caring for someone is a good thing but losing yourself completely in the process a no-no.

These are some of the things ladies should never do just because they are in a relationship.

Compromise your morals

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Sis… don’t! If you aren’t like that and you don’t want to do anything that will compromise your morals then please don’t. Yes, you might indulge once or twice but if you tell your partner you aren’t comfortable with what they want you to do and they don’t listen, leave the relationship. Sis, you deserve to be in a relationship where your opinions matter.

Changing yourself for him

This is somewhat related to the first point. If you’re fine being skinny, your boyfriend shouldn’t demand that you gain weight just because he wants a bigger girl. You don’t have to do it. He should get someone suited to his taste and leave you alone. Of course, certain behaviours need to be changed; changes that will make you feel better about yourself and not because of someone’s whims and fancies.

Coddle his ego

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Never pass over a job where you earn more than he does, simply because he’ll “lose face” in front of your family and friends. Don’t let his embarrassment get in the way of your ambition. You’re better than this.

Ghost on family and friends

See er, this is one of the dumbest things you can ever do. If your relationship ends today and you’ve ghosted on all your family and friends, who is going to help you through the tears and the depression? Don’t make him your whole world and keep cancelling your plans with your friends and family.

Let him take you for granted

Familiarity breeds contempt but you shouldn’t let it reach there. Don’t be afraid to spotlight your own work every now and then! If your partner is a supportive one, he’ll gladly let you know of his appreciation.

Girl, you’re a boss and you need to be treated like the Queen you are. Don’t let anyone treat you otherwise.

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