Here Are The Reasons Why Some Ladies Orgasm In Their Sleep


Uhuh… wet dreams aren’t just a guy thing. Ladies cum in their sleep too. Sleep orgasm, also known as “nocturnal orgasm”.

Sleep orgasms begin with a sexy dream. It leads to increased blood flow to your lady parts in combination with the complete relaxation while you are in deep sleep, allows the body to reach climax without added help.

Some ladies have orgasms because of the following;

Sex dreams

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During the rapid eye movement (REM), the blood flow increases in the pelvic region, and the brain is perfectly primed to offer a sleep orgasm and this results in vaginal wetting in women.

Too Much Stress

Too much of anxiety or excitement may trigger spontaneous orgasm during sleep.

How to achieve an orgasm in your sleep

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  • Sleep on your stomach – Sleeping on your stomach results in having more intense dreams, like those about feeling breathless during sex, sex, feeling of being tied up etc.
  • Go to bed thinking positively about sex, and even fantasize a little bit – abstaining from having an orgasm during the daytime can also elevate your chances of having a nocturnal orgasm.
  • Be aware you’re in a dream – This is called lucid dreaming. Once a woman is aware that she is in a dream, she will be able to interact better with it.

If you don’t want to want to achieve an orgasm in your sleep;

  • Relax- Sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day and get enough exercise
  • Avoid watching porn before bed
  • Have cold showers
  • Sleep on the right side and not on your back

We hope you learnt something new today.

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