GIJ: Here Are Five Interesting Facts About Miss Malaika Contestant Freda Mbord Astanga

Well, the Miss Maliaka season is here and we are super proud of our girl representing us. Meet Freda Mbord Astanga representing the Ghana Institute Of Journalism. Here are some interesting facts to know about the amazing Mbord.

  • Freda is the 4th born of 5 girls and was expected to be a boy but turn out as a girl and was named “Mbord” by her family which means “I like” to show their acceptance of her gender.
Freda Mbord Astanga
  • Freda is nicknamed, NextOprah by most people for the many leadership roles she takes and her love for Oprah Winfrey.


  • Mbord loves to dance and spend time with kids.

Follow her on Instagram: star_mbord

  • Mbord runs a snack bar on GIJ to help her fund a youth movement called Clean And Beautiful Ghana.

  • Currently,Mbord has a diploma in communication studies and is a 3rd-year student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. She hopes to further her education in law after.

Definitely beauty with Brains. Everyone at the Ghana Institute of Journalism is super proud of her.

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