Every Single Reason Why We Totally Love Tulenkey

Today is Tulenkey’s birthday and we just have to appreciate him cos…what a guy!!

Photo of the rapper, Tulenkey

Tulenkey first caught our attention when he put out a freestyle of himself rapping over Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’ song’s beat.

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He did a badass job on the beat, birthed the popular hit song, ‘Child Abuse’ and went ahead to give us a refix with Medikal.

That wasn’t all. He gave us one of the best projects from last year with his 1/1 mixtape which literally opened a whole new world of the capabilities of the young rapper…one we didn’t even expect to see!

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He is an amazing ‘freestylist!’ Tulenkey’s Freestyle videos are enough to make you drop whatever you are doing, leave your jaw open and stare at your screens in fascination because…what a rapper!!!

Image result for tulenkey

He is the real gender fluidity ambassador! Yes guys, who else can get every guy, girl, grown man and woman, kids and even old men and women, shouting “Eyyy ohhh we this!” when they hear his song, “Froud Fvck Boys”.

Proud. Fvck. Boys.

He understands that when something is good, you do it twice!!! Tulenkey gave us ‘Proud Fvck Boys’ featuring Eddie Khae and then months later, he gave us not just one remix but two and smartly made it a Naija vs GH fvck boys war.

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Tulenkey (left) and Nigeria’s Falz (Right) in the Proud Fvck Boys Naija remix

He breaks Twitter every time! Tell us, have you ever seen Tulenkey drop a new joint and he doesn’t trend? Any time he drops something, it is so good he effortlessly trends in minutes because charle, when you hear something good, you just have to talk about it!!!

He comes off as shy but once he starts rapping, he flows so confidently it’s easy to tell he is in love with what he’s doing and is super confident about his style.

Image result for tulenkey
animated art of Tulenkey by @SleekArtzz

Tulenkey is proof of a genuine Ghanaian because we have heard about his love for the unofficial national food that is Fufu! lol.

Tulenkey owned 2018 and that is why he was shortlisted by Kuulpeeps as one of the outstanding people who ‘borst’ our minds in 2018, on the Kuulpeeps Emergers 2019.

We put together everything you need to know about his life, his music and more here: Tulenkey’s World

Watch him answer 21 fun Questions here:

Tulenkey is a greatly talented rapper and we believe we are echo-ing everyone else when we say we want more music from him!

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