CU: How To Properly Wear A Tie


A gentleman should always have a few collections of ties no matter your occupation.

When picking a tie you must consider the type of shirt you wear.

Getting the tie right would give you that classy look. These are 6 ties every guy needs to have in his wardrobe.


  •  Burgundy tie

  • Grey tie

  •  Polka-dotted tie

  • Patterned tie

Image result for patterned tie

  • Navy tie

  •  Repp striped tie

There are actually four ways to wear a tie but THE FOUR-IN-HAND KNOT is the easiest of them all. Go with what works best for you.


  1. Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end.
  2. Fold the wide end under the narrow end.
  3. Pass the wide end directly over the narrow end again.
  4. Take the wide end up and through the loop around your neck.
  5. Take the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar.


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