6 Types Of People You Should Expect To See At Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2019

The University is the best four years of your life and Echo House is ready to make you Freshers, start it right!!

photo from Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2018

Fresh A Fair is the official welcome for freshers in Legon, UCC and KNUST. It’s a 3-day event organized by Echo House for Freshers to socialize, buy products that are needed for school life and also, jam!!!

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Socialization plays a big part in Fresh ‘A ‘Fair and every year, you are bound to meet people like this:

The vendors

photo from Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2018

This one is standard. There will be a lot of vendors from different brands, selling all the items you freshers will need for school. From food items to appliances to basic necessities, everything you really need and didn’t know you needed is available at a discount for every student!


photo from Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2018

One other thing you are bound to see will be the ‘seniors’. These are the students in level 200 and above who will also be a Fresh ‘A’ Fair but in as much as their purpose is to come jam, they are also there to grab! This is the first event on campus, aside from your matriculation, where you will see all the new innocent freshers in one place so naturally, you will see the students in Level 200 and above, lurking and saying hello to you. Don’t be shy…they just want to be friends! lol

Finest People You Ever Saw

photo from Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2018

Look, Fresh ‘A’ Fair is where you will see the finest people in Ghana in one place. We don’t know if the University comes with some kind of filter but this is where you will see all the finest girls and ‘flyest’ young men in one place. If you aren’t single, break up with your boo because you will reconsider your relationship status!


photo from Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2018

These ones are there to have fun!! They are the ones who are likely to skip lectures all weekend to dedicate their time to having mad fun. They are the ones who will go back to their halls, all sweaty because no be small jams they went to jam!! We love people like these! They start and end the party!


photo from Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2018

They are the ones from all the other campuses in Ghana. They come in from UDS, Ashesi, UEW…every campus you can think of, just to come and have fun. Nothing is going to stop them from being a part of this epic event and pay attention…you just might see them in every picture from all the Fresh ‘A’ Fair destination campuses.

Confused Freshers

photo from Fresh ‘A’ Fair 2018

Don’t worry dears, you are the reason we are having this event in the first place. Feel free, talk to the vendors, get what you need, and don’t be shy to have fun at all.

Fresh ‘A’ Fair starts in UCC, at Valco Hall, from 3rd to 5th October. Next stop, KNUST, at the Parade grounds from 10th to 12th October and finally, Legon campus, at Jean Nelson, from 24th to 26th October.

You wouldn’t want to miss this…seriously!

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