Why Y’all Need To Stop Being “Hypocrites” When You Hear “Sex Tape”

Ordinarily, there really isn’t any reason why people should be so excited when a sex tape drops but well… it happens.

Most of you people have sex but because it was in the safety and comfort of your rooms and nobody saw you, you can bash others when their tapes come out.

Y’all ask why they tape themselves having sex and sending nudes of themselves as if you’ve never made a mistake before. And oh! even if they do tape themselves to spice up their relationship at the time and unfortunately the nudes and videos were leaked, it’s none of your business.

You do not have to watch since no one is forcing you, you don’t have to comment about it and give derogatory remarks and marking the performances of the people in the videos or the bodies of the ladies/guys with the nudes.

Those of you who share the videos and pictures are even the worst types of sinners.

Yesterday, a video of a white lady giving Ghanaian footballer, Afriyie Acquah a blowjob was leaked on Snapchat and as usual, Ghanaians were being Ghanaians.

The odd part is that no one is really bashing Afriyie Acquah for anything. It’s not even making rounds like it would have if it was a lady.

His ex-wife who was obviously quite pained because some time ago a video of her satisfying herself with a deodorant container was apparently leaked due to his negligence. She commented

In her IG stories and replying a fan, she said, “Not a Single Person who has played me ended up in a better situation. God will deal with you”. She again added, “If you let your side chic steal your wives videos from your phone, God will let you post your own sex tape, Karma”

The point of this article is not to determine whether or not recording a sex tape or taking nudes is right or wrong. The whole point is for each of us to do what we want to do so far as it doesn’t affect another person negatively. If taking nudes and sex tapes keeps your relationship spicy, by all means, go ahead. Even if both of you break up, y’all should be matured enough to delete the pictures and videos so that it doesn’t get leaked.

You should also remember that, if your gadgets are stolen, the videos and nudes can be leaked. Our role as citizens of this democratic country is to report such social media accounts whose sole aim is to disgrace people in such a manner.

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