TrueStory: “My Boyfriend And I Are Dating Another Couple”

If you’re on Facebook, you may have heard of Dave. The guy using his account to collect the most bizarre but true stories about people in relationships.

People go to his DMs to ask for help, advice and also confess the weirdest relationship crimes.

This is one of his #inboxMessage submissions where people tell him their relationship worries and are kept anonymous.


“Dave, I’ve tried to get in touch with you for months but you keep posting other messages and not mine. Please try to see my message this time. Please!

I work with a mining company in Tarkwa. My fiancé is in Accra. There is this guy at the company that I really flow with. He’s so cool and good to me always. I really like him. He likes me too, very much. His fiancée is in Accra, and they were planning on getting married. But it seems like they’ve changed plans.

I told my man about this guy at the office and he wanted to know him, so I introduced them, and they became friends eventually. My fiancé became friends also, with his lady. A few months ago, my colleague at work started making real passes at me. I was initially uncomfortable, but then, the feelings were so strong I just couldn’t help it. And so I gave in.

I told my fiancé about what had happened between us and he said he was cool with it. I asked why, and he said he had also developed feelings for the guy’s woman, and were planning on going on a date that week. He wasn’t sure of telling me because he did not want to hurt my feelings.

I told my colleague at work and he was cool with it. He said his woman already told him. I asked if that was the reason why he had sex with me, and he said no. He is in love with me too. Dave, I do not know how this is possible, but I am in love with both men. His fiancée is also in love with mine and hers.

We all met at my colleague’s house in Tarkwa to talk, and the three of them agreed on us four being in a relationship. Meaning, anyone could fuck anyone amongst us.
In fact, my colleague’s lady could walk naked in the house in front of all of us and be comfortable. She kisses her man passionately and would kiss mine same, in our presence.

I am not jealous. I am just not so sure about this kind of relationship. I have been questioning myself for months, whether or not this could work. My colleague has cancelled the marriage agenda with his woman and would want us all to live freely amongst ourselves, staying committed to just us four and no one else in between.

The men are planning on building a bigger home to accommodate us four and our future kids. The lady is really excited about it and has been trying so much to get me to see the bigger picture.

We’ve all had sex in the same room many times, in Tarkwa and Accra, and it was fun. We’ve bathed together and it really was bonding. We all are working and earning decent salaries. We check on each other, we plan holidays together. I exchange dresses and shoes and bags with the other lady. The men buy us stuff, I mean, they are trying to keep us all happy. Everybody seems to be happy with the arrangement. I am happy about my men, however, I get scared sometimes. Will this kind of relationship last?

If it can work out, I would be very happy. If it breaks, I will be very hurt. And I don’t want to hurt.”

Whew….what would you advise?

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