8 Animals You’d Be Surprised Don’t Sleep At All Or Hardly Sleep

Every night, we go to bed and some of us are not able to face life if we have less than 6 hours of sleep on any day!

We go to bed and we sleep but have you ever wondered? Do animals sleep?

You’ve probably seen your dogs sleep or even your cat but…not all animals fall asleep and some that do, sleep for as little as some few minutes and that’s it!


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Do you see how Giraffes look? Their long legs make it hard for them to fall asleep so they either don’t sleep at all or take power naps in short bursts while standing. No predator is about to catch them sleeping with their necks just laying there for the taking!


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Dolphins don’t really go to sleep. They only go to sleep with only one side of their brain so that they use the other side of their brain for swimming and to watch out for predators. For some, during the first month of their lives, they only press their bodies against their mothers so that they do not drown. Meaning, the mothers cannot afford to sleep at all that whole month.


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These big ass creatures actually need less sleep than any other mammal. They usually sleep every three or four days, and if they even sleep at all, they may do a two-hour sleep per night and that’s it! PS: The elephants in the zoos don’t count. Those are just pampered elephants who have nothing to worry about lol.


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If you think you are a light sleeper, then you haven’t met the deers. They fall asleep with their eyes open and sleep for about 10 to 15 minutes before snapping awake and that’s it.


Image result for horses

Horses don’t sleep y’all. They just rest while standing. Horses are able to lock in their legs, relax their muscles, and nap without losing their balance. So you see them and you aren’t sure if they are awake, sleeping or ready to break into a gallop.



Related image

They NEVER SLEEP! They have actually been tested in several labs all over the world and the conclusion is, they are always alert 24/7.

Jelly Fish

Image result for jellyfish

Apparently, in order to sleep, you need to have a brain and Jellyfish don’t have a brain so…#TeamNoSleep.


Image result for ostrich

The bird usually sleeps while standing upright with both eyes open. This state allows the bird to rest its brain and body while at the same time staying alert and…that’s it.

All this is so new and mindblowing, right?

Thank God we can have looong hours of sleep.

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