Wet N Wild Stole James Charles’ Palette And These Are Some Of The Reactions From Twitter

Wet n Wild tweeted a teaser of their new palette from Ru Paul’s DragCon in New York City that the “40 Palette” is due for release in the fall.

This sparked controversy since it has the same colours as the Youtuber James Charles’ Morphe palette which was released last November.

Wet N Wild tweeted their palette will be priced between $25 and $29 but James Charles’ own is $39.

Placed side by side, there are a lot of obvious similarities and it wasn’t long after that people started calling Wet N Wild out.

Wet N Wild Palette
James Charles’ Morphe Palette

Wet n Wild spoke to fans explaining that they’re a drugstore and so, do “dupes” of different brands.

Wet n Wild continued to explain that James Charles’ Morphe palette was bought from a manufacturer where products are created for plenty of different companies and so, the idea wasn’t stolen, to begin with.

This caused  James himself then got involved with Wet n Wild asking them to stop causing “drama” and giving information “out of context”.

A number of people were on James’ side…

…but the others bashed him saying that he does the same with other smaller influencers when he steals their ideas.

We are waiting to see if there’ll be more tea to be dropped on the TL so we serve it to you as we usually do.

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