A Look At The iPhone 11 Rumours The Average Ghanaian User Will Care About

The Apple event will be going live tomorrow!

Just like Apple does every year, this Apple event will unveil the new range of iPhones, their names, the specs, price…everything that will make you look at your 5s like it’s some piece of trash!

The jokes on social media have started already and everyone is excited…android and iOS users alike! There have been a series of rumours, leaked prototypes and more, and we are all curious…

What has Apple got for us this time!

Tomorrow, we will all find out but for now, let’s look at some of the rumours we have heard so far!

Three new models!!

Image result for iPhone 11
What the new range of iPhones are expected to look like based on rumours

So far we have heard that there will be three new models unveiled tomorrow and they will be called the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Max. The iPhone 11R will be like a budget-friendly version of the 11 Pro  (budget in quote cos that’s what the XR was supposed to be but some of u still have our 4s cos we cannot afford it!) And of course, the 11 Max will be a much larger version of the 11 Pro just like the XS Max and 6,7,8 pluses. Three Cameras!

Image result for iPhone 11 camera
A prototype of what the iPhone 11 camera may look like

Most of the time, one of the major changes to every new model of the iPhone is the improvement in the camera quality. Rumours and leaked prototype images show that the game is changing entirely, with three cameras to take much better wide-angle shots! Guess there’s going to be more iPhone photographers splattered all over the internet now.

Bilateral Charging (Power sharing)

Image result for iPhone 11
Dummy version of what the camera of the new iPhones are expected to look like

Don’t skip, It’s a big deal! Bilateral wireless charging means that you will be able to share power from your new iPhone with other iPhones, Apple watch or even your Airpods. Samsung has been way ahead though, their Samsung Galaxy S10 can charge other phones by placing them on the back of the phone. Maybe, just maybe, iPhone will finally catch up and hey, you can finally tell your friends “Charle dash me small power so I request an uber” when you go out and your phone goes off!


Image result for iPhone 11 invite

The iPhone will also come in several new colours and some think the official apple invite for the event tomorrow, hints at the range of new colours that will come with the release of the new range of iPhones.

Facts that remain is that the phones will still be expensive but by December, in Ghana, everyone you know will be using the new iPhones.

Tomorrow, we will see if these rumours are true!!

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