Ghana Ambulance Service Praised Online For Responding To An Emergency Call

Ghana Ambulance Service
Ghana Ambulance Service

Sometimes, it seems nothing works in this country of ours… We have bad roads, the education system needs attention, every single day there is a new corruption scandal. Sometimes, you go to the hospital and service delivery is poor.

Knowing that and having that shape our mentality, it easy for us to expect things not to work in this country.

It’s easy for us to chatter a taxi and drive our loved ones to the hospital when there is an emergency.

The ideal thing would be to call the ambulance service. But then… we don’t whether they will show up.. or even when they will show up.

Well… according to this Facebook user, maybe it’s time to trust the ambulance service a little bit.

Yesterday, while Klenam Koku Uba Fiadzoe and his wife were driving home from church, he saw a man having what he deduced was an epileptic seizure.

Ghana Ambulance Service
The security officer

Realising that the man, who might be a security man, needed immediate medical attention, Klenam proceeded to call the Ghana Ambulance Service – as it should be normal to do during medical emergency cases…

But as this is Ghana, Klenam said the “first thing I thought of doing though reluctantly and with spite was to call the Ghana Ambulance service number 193.”

When he called – the call operator had a somewhat laid back attitude.

According to Klenam “someone picked up and was saying nothing though I could hear some nice gospel music in the background. I kept shouting hello and finally a dragging voice responded, I narrated what had happened and announced the location and we ended the call.”

With that lukewarm attitude from the call operator, Klenam, who perhaps is an optimist still had hope that the ambulance would show up.

Five minutes had passed after the phone call, yet no sound of a siren. Eight minutes later – nothing.

“Some [were] calling his last dialled numbers and trying to reach his family and workplace. Well now everybody now looks to me and wifey (as though we were doctors) on what to do next. We kept assuring them [that] the ambulance was coming in a shrill voice and they would look at us as though we don’t live in Ghana,” Klenam said.

The sigh of relief came about 15 minutes after the phone call. That was when they heard the sound of a siren in a distance and “in no time here comes an ambulance.”

Ghana Ambulance Service
The ambulance at the scene

“The personnel was professional in their approach picked the gentleman who had regained some consciousness and took him away,” Klenam said.

This is perhaps one of the few positive stories we’ve heard about a state institution such as the Ghana Ambulance Service.

Good job guys!!

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