#ExamsHallDiaries: Twitter Users Share Really Funny Exam Experiences You Need To See Now

The hashtag alone brings back a lot of memories! Those times you skipped certain topics and Section B is full of questions from that side or even the times you were almost caught copying(don’t lie). At every stage in our lives exam season brings us together since you sometimes need to learn with others.

Reading the experiences others had was very funny and therapeutic. Take a look at some of the tweets people posted about the hashtag.

The truth in this!!


I meaaannn… we were busily shading those answers we left blank without even checking to read the questions again cuz charley… we don’t know!

We really don’t want to know the end of this story…

So the person shaded wrong answers for you? Ei…he/she had time paa oo

Apparently, this has happened to a couple of people and we don’t know how to feel about this…

We can totally relate!! #worsethanaheartbreak

Of course, you need to check if they’ve answered the question which is your headache…

Thiiisss!! *Chest pains*

lmao!! Where are you going from here?

You’re so lucky it was social and not something like Math

Totally relatable! Especially when you put your all into that paper…

Lieeesss lmao

Lmao! Which of these took you back to memory lane.

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