Charming Photos Of The NSMQ Mistress That Will Make You Say “She′s 50 What?”

We all know Dr Elsie Kaufmann.

The quiz mistress for the educational and nationwide watched competition, National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Every year, we see her ask brilliant reps from our Senior High Schools questions to battle for the unofficial ‘Smartest high school in Ghana’ title and slowly, over the years we have become familiar with her.

Everyone definitely admires her brilliance, her unique way of chiding NSMQ candidates and basically, her whole personality.

Dr Elsie Kauffman is also a biomedical engineer and yesterday, she celebrated her 50th birthday!

Dr Elsie Kaufmann turns 50
Dr Elsie Kauffman and her kids at her birthday ceremony

Looking at Dr Kauffman, it’s hard to believe she is 50 because clearly, she doesn’t look a day older than 18 maybe?

Just look!

Dr Elsie Kaufmann turns 50

We found a lot more of her pictures and it’s safe to think she’s a vampire because she hasn’t changed a bit!

Image result for elsie kauffmann HD

Image result for elsie kauffmann HD

Image result for elsie kauffmann HD

Happy Belated birthday to the true definition of a Queen!

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