11 Things We Will Always Complain About, No Matter What!

One thing people hate but will always do is to complain.

Sometimes, in fact, most of the time, we never really know we are doing it.

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It’s annoying hearing people complain but… there are some things that people don’t mind hearing you complain about.


Because everyone is complaining about it too!!

These are the most common things we all like to complain about!

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Price of things

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Lol, there’s no money in the system! When did the price of your things go up? And why??? 


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If you’re in school, you’re probably complaining right now because it’s Monday. 

Being broke

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We never have money even if we just got paid. Every single time it’s “I’m broke Herh” and the funny thing is, when you complain, everyone else around you will also complain. It’s a big unending cycle of broke complaints.


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You’re tired of the stress that comes with being an adult and you just can’t stop whining about everything and every opportunity you get, you want to tell everyone how much it sucks.

The government

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The government of Ghana…we all complain. Unless you are the child of some rich politician without a care in the world, then you’d be like “Oh it’s great” We are never really happy with whatever the government does and everything they do raise a lot of questions. “Fuel increment? Again? You politicians are the same!!!!”

Your service provider

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Every single day, you will complain at least 3 times about your network service provider. If it’s not about slow internet, it’d be about the bad network or maybe they stole your credit… there’s always something.

Troski Drivers

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Doesn’t matter if you’re a Dbee driving a nice car in a nice neighbourhood. You will definitely meet a troski driver somewhere on some road and they will make you honk! Loudly! Everyone, including you…the one who spends all their time in a troski, has said “These trotro drivers kraaa”

Our country

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We are all going to complain about one thing or the other about our country even if we lowkey love it. If a goat sneezes in another region and it causes a flood… we will remember to complain about everything that is wrong with the country.


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Everyone will complain about these tiny vampires every single time we meet them. That’s the only way to feel like you can get them to go away.

People who buy a lot of food for different people

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We all have someplace to be! So why hog up the queue!!?? If we don’t complain out loud, we’d do it in our heads! “Who are you buying food for? the whole nation?”


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What else? Even if we know that at this particular time, there will be traffic, we will still complain when we meet it. It’s the right thing to do!

What would you never ever stop complaining about?

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