You Should Know These Things Before You Get A Tattoo

Choosing to do a tattoo is almost like choosing to get married so you need to be absolutely sure about what you’re doing and do it well.

There are quite a number of things to know if you want to get a tattoo to save you from unnecessary pain and regret.

Visit the shop before you get the tattoo

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You do this to survey the environment. You probably booked online and you’ve seen images of the place. It looks legit and all but you need to go there and see things for yourself. How they work, if they’re neat and all the other burning questions in your head. If the artists aren’t using gloves and single-use needles, run. Fast.

Start small

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Yeah we know you’re really excited and all to get your first tat but you need to start small. You need to learn how your body is going to take the process of getting inked and how your body heals.

It’s going to be painful

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We don’t know how you think it’s going to be but yo! It’s going to hurt. You need to know this to be prepared. That’s why in the point above we advised that you start small. Starting small gives you the chance to know how well your body can take the pain and process it.

Choose wisely

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We do not advise that you tattoo your partner’s name or face on your body. We understand that you’re really in love and nobody can burst your bubble now but what if it doesn’t work out? Then what? You still have their name on you as a reminder of the failed relationship?

Don’t panic

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We understand that watching a needle prick you is very hard to watch but panicking just makes it worse. A lot of people hyperventilate and cry even before the tattooist starts anything and even though we understand, it makes the process longer and ruins the experience.

Take a deep breathe and let the tattooist do what you want him/her to do on your body.

All the best in getting your new tats!

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