This Twitter Thread Of Kids Before And After School Got Us Laughing So Hard!

You know how some kids go to school all beautifully dressed up and when they come back you’re wondering what storm hit them?

Lmao! If you have little siblings we are sure you can relate. When they come back from school you cannot even identify them. Some of their clothes are missing, the hair they had on has become a mess and finally, they are in some type of mood for some reason.

So one sister @HelloKennedi noticed the trend of parents posting their before and after school pictures of their kids and since they were funny as hell, posted them on twitter.

Lol! Just check out the thread.

There was probably a storm at school…

The caption on the picture… lmao! But she’s still really cute with that messy hair.

Sis wants to cry lmao!!

Seriously… where did the ponytail go??

We have so many questions…

Sis said, “What are you standing there looking at?”

Lmaoooo!! The hair looks like a bird made its nest in there!


Lmao! She’s still cute though

What happened to the colours on the arms of her top?

She definitely fought with someone

We really want to understand how their cornrows get undone…

LMFAO!! And a teacher HAD to represent!!

Lmao! We hope this made you laugh as hard as we did.

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