Things You Need To Discuss With Your Partner Before You Get Married


Deciding to get married goes beyond the feeling of love.

it is deciding to be someone’s whole family…someone’s best friend no matter the odds, someone’s helpmate, someone’s nurse… it is being someone’s ride or die.

The watching of too many love stories which lead up to only the wedding makes us think that marriages always lead to happy endings which isn’t true.

We usually also spend a lot of time planning the “perfect wedding” that we sometimes even forget to prepare adequately for the marriage itself.

Marriage isn’t a joke and it shouldn’t be ever seen in that light.

Before you go ahead to plan that dream wedding and say “I do”, here are some of the things to discuss with your partner to be sure that y’all are on the same page.

Talk about money

Honestly er, right now in your 20s this might not seem like a big deal but you need to sort it out before you start getting problems in your marriage. Is your boyfriend supposed to be giving you money even in marriage? Who’s paying for the school fees of your kids? Who’s paying for the bills at home? You need to have this sorted so it won’t be a problem later.

Are y’all having kids?

This is a must-ask question. Are you going to have kids or not? If you are, how many are you deciding to have? It might seem trivial but some marriages have ended in divorces because of this point.

Talk about the surnames

Whether you decide to take your spouse’s last name, keep your own, combine the two, create a new last name or choose something else entirely, consider the implications for both of your families and any future children that might come from your marriage.


Most people get confused as to when to start sharing secrets about themselves to their significant others. If you’ve made it to this point without telling them about that particular secret then there’s a big problem already but you need to come clean; be it about family, siblings, your past, what you want and even health problems. Openness is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship and marriage.


What are your views on work, family, and marriage roles? How will you accomplish the cooking, the cleaning and the chores? This is just the surface of the things we may expect going into marriage, and it’s an important conversation to have.

What other important aspect did we leave out? Let us know in the comments.

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