Going To Cape Coast This Weekend? Try Visiting These Interesting Places

Wondering what to do in Cape Coast aside their Festival, Fetu Afahye? Check out these places you can visit to make your stay in Cape Coast an exciting one.

Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle is the largest of the buildings which contain the legacy of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Cape Coast fishing hub – Abrofo Po Ano

On fishing days, the beach is populated by fishmongers, teenagers and tourists who dread by the sight of how the fishermen trawl their nets down the shores. The most outstanding is the layout of the canoes at the beach.

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Bakado (Tilapia Fishing)

The Fosu Lagoon is located in Bakaano in Cape Coast next to Asaase Pa and St Augustines College. It is a ‘closed’ lagoon separated from the sea by a sand bar and occasionally breached by heavy rains or manually by sand winning activities. The lagoon originally had a surface area of about 0.61 km2 (61 ha) with an average depth of 1.5 m thus it is considered as a shallow lagoon.

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Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park was established in 1932, but gazetted and officially opened to the public in 1994. It has been used for the last fifty years for the extraction of timber. It is located in Central Region of Ghana, about 20km north of Cape Coast.

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Hans Cottage

Hans Cottage Botel is one of the most exciting and tourist-oriented sites in the hotel industry. Not only do the botel provides food and accommodation, but you can also engage in various touristy activities such as boat riding, swimming and crocodile watching. This place has also been marked as one of the best places for bird watching. The lake offers sailing and fishing to the amusement of guests.

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Elmina Fish Market

A typical fishing day which is every day except Tuesdays is one that promises the most colourful and cluttered mornings in Elmina. It is truly a sight to behold.

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London Bridge

The popular bridge was built in 1905 by the British Government.

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Kotokuraba Market

Kotokuraba market is the economic hub of Cape Coast. It plays host to many traders from within and outside Cape Coast.

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Ampenyi Beach

Ghana Tourist Board awarded Ampenyi beach as the nicest beach in Ghana in 2003. In 1997 Ampenyi was nominated as Pan African Festival (Panafest) Village by the board of Panafest.

Da breeze Bar & Restaurant at East gate, UCC

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