5 Football Related Stuff You Can Do During The International Break

We all hate the international break!

Yes, we do! We all miss the fun and excitement during international breaks because we do not get to see our favourite clubs and footballers play.

Our weekend gets very BORING!!!

In light of this, we decided to put together stuff that you can do as a football fanatic during international breaks:

Read a book

You can read about some legendary footballers who you never had time to learn about. Yeah, the international break is the best time to learn and add to the knowledge you have in football.

Image result for football books
‘A History Of Football’ – Book on the history of the football and its greatest players

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Watch a football movie

There are a lot of football movies we guess you haven’t watched… Just try them out.

Image result for soccer movies
Football Movie – GOAL! Directed by Danny Cannon, Jaume Collet-Serra and Andrew Morahan

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Play FIFA 19 with your friends

Organise some FIFA games with your friends and just have fun!

EA Sports: FIFA 19 Cover

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Go watch the boys in your area play football

You haven’t gone out to watch the ‘area boys’ play football in a long time right?? Yeah, use this opportunity to go and watch and appreciate those young talents… you could take your boots along… you might want to join them play.

Image result for playing football in areas in Ghana
Boys playing football

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Watch some international games

Yeah, football still happens during the international break… well not the kind you would want to watch, but there are some amazing games that are played… You could watch the blockbuster games between The Netherlands and Germany… yeah, just have fun!

Related image
The Netherlands vs Germany – EURO Qualifiers

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