10 Facts You Need To Know About Cape Coast

Fetu Afahye, a festival celebrated by the people of Cape Coast. It is a major festival that sees people from all over Ghana, going to Cae Coast to have fun all weekend long!

Since we are all going there, how about some facts about the place?

Cape Coast is the capital town of Central region.

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Map of Ghana

It is a culturally rich and historical location

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Cape Coast Castle was built by the Swedish in 1653 and named it Carolusburg after King Charles X of Sweden

Image result for The first Wesleyan (Methodist) school was at the Cape Coast Castle.
Cape Coast Castle

The first Wesleyan (Methodist) school was at the Cape Coast Castle.

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Photos of the canon at Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle housed slaves from as far away as Burkina Faso and Niger

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Aerial view of the Cape Coast castle

One of the oldest churches in Ghana is located in Cape Coast. The Methodist Church of Cape Coast was set up by Wesleyan missionaries in 1835.

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photo of the Methodist church in Cape Coast

It is also home to Fort William where slave records show that over 30,000 slaves were transported from Fort William to Barbados and Jamaica.

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photo of Fort William

A historic bond (Bond of 1844) between the British and the Fante Confederation was signed in Cape Coast

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Michelle Obama’s genealogy was traced to Cape Coast. She believes it is her ancestral home

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photo of Michelle ad Barack Obama during their visit to Ghana

The mascot of the city is the crab

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photo of a crab

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