You Need To Stop Eating These Foods To Lose The Tummy Fat!

Niiiccee girl like you, nice body, nice face but when you wear bodycon or high waist jeans then you have to keep holding your breath because your stomach is big.

Niiicce boy like you but you already have a potbelly. Ei.

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Flabby stomach image from Google

That fat doesn’t want to go and make you great. Don’t worry. Calm your tits and keep reading cuz we know the foods you need to let go off so the fat can reduce.

Sugar is your enemy

Some of you cannot live without drinking Coke and it shows… with your protruding bellies. If it’s not Coke it’s something else that contains a lot of sugar that for some reason you can’t stop taking in. You know what we are talking about. Cut sugary stuff out of your diet and if you need it then use it in smaller quantities. A lot of sugar causes the liver gets overloaded with fructose and is forced to turn it into fat.

Fried foods

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Can you honestly say you didn’t see this point coming? Lol. You already know that too much-fried foods are terrible for you and now we are confirming it. Fried foods have little vitamins, minerals and fibre but is loaded with sodium and trans-fat which manifests itself in your stomach

Baked foods

Doughnuts and other pre-baked desserts can be full of calories as well as being high in sugar and packed with preservatives so they’re another no-no for your stomach.

Too Much Alchohol

Cut down the beer!! As you gulp down your drink, your body turns the alcohol into acetate, which your body can’t store. It becomes your primary energy source, and the proteins, carbs and fats swirling around your digestive system are converted to fat by default.

In addition to cutting out these foods, try to reduce the amount of stress you’re going through, add exercise to your routine, add fibre to your diet and track the amount of food you keep eating.

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