These 6 Signs Show That Your Relationship Is Rock Solid

We’ve all been there.

You go through a rough patch and you start to wonder if the relationship will pass the test of time. Every relationship is different as the people in those relationships but there are core things that need to be present in all healthy relationships.

Here are 6 signs that are going to tell you if you have a solid relationship.

You are comfortable spending time away from each other

You should be able to trust your partner enough so they have fun with their friends outside your company. You trust them to make smart decisions and you know they’re not going to put your relationship in jeopardy.

When you fight, you resolve it

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Every couple fights. What differentiates them from the weak ones is the fact that when they fight, it’s always resolved. They try to understand where each person is coming from and reach a decision.

You communicate

Good relationships have the essence of communication in them. Do you have a problem? You don’t sit down and wait for your partner to miraculously know about it. You communicate and let them know.

You don’t need them to change

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Yes, sometimes some habits need to be changed but trying to change the essence of your partner does not make sense. If you like the type of person, date that type of person. Don’t get someone else and try to inculcate certain things into them. It won’t work.

They’ve always got your back

Whether it’s financial, emotional or even physical you always know they’ve got you and it’s nice to know that there’s always someone you can rely on.

You respect each other

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It might seem like something basic but it will shock you to know the numerous relationships that do not have this element in them. A solid relationship is full of respect on both sides. That means you can expect to discuss differences in a fair manner and you aren’t belittled when out with friends.

Which of these boxes has your relationship ticked?

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