Here Are Some Social Media Reactions To Nicki’s Sudden Retirement Announcement

Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj really did us dirty this time and we can’t help but feel hurt, confused and generally distressed!

How do you drop a bombshell like this on us without giving us a heads up on Queen Radio? How Nicki?? Hoooww??

Sigh. If you’re lost just read this tweet Nicki posted yesterday around 6:20 pm for yourself.

Sigh… Nicki really did us bad on this one and we ain’t even gonna lie about it.

Here are some reactions from social media about it.

There were those that were pleading that she come back and explain stuff to us better.

To which she came to address saying that she’ll be on Queen Radio to talk about everything and explain things better. She even apologized that the tweet was quite insensitive and was sorry.

Of course, there were the Nicki haters who kept talking about how she just wants attention and how now there is a lot of competition in the area of female rap so she’s chickening out.

There are also those who supported her decision and sent her love and peace to do what she has to do if she thinks it’s right for her.

In as much as we are deeply hurt, we support our queen and believe that she will still come back and snatch her crown back without any problems. We wish her all the very best with her new family.

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