#CueSeason: KoJo Cue Drops First Single Off His Upcoming Album

Ko-Jo Cue is readying a full-on invasion of our collective imaginations in the next few weeks, as anticipation for his debut album increases.

As a glimpse into what the album has in store for listeners, his first single ‘You Alone’ has arrived!

Ko-Jo Cue – You Alone Album artwork

Staying on-brand with his theme of inspiring his peers and the youth with his truths, Ko-Jo Cue delivers his raw message in punchy English and Twi bars over an up-tempo Juicxxx hip-hop instrumental.

Cue masterfully meanders from Pidgin to English to Twi, as he sings and raps and the catchy chorus epitomises the key takeaway of the song: “My brother, live your life/The way you know/Cos if you die/You pɛ go go”.

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The existential tension between carving one’s path on earth while anticipating its end is a sober one. Juicxxx’s instrumental plays this sentiment out wonderfully well, balancing dense 808s and eerie vocal samples with light chimes, facilitating ‘You Alone’s earnest message, while keeping it bouncy and enjoyable.

Coming at a time when discussions around identity have never been more salient, Ko-Jo Cue emphasizes the importance of individual determination and staying true to one’s own course, promising that no matter what happens, “the sun shall rise after the rainfall.

As a solid boost of motivation, Cue’s ‘You Alone’ encourages you to focus on your journey, enjoy it, forget about the approval of others and celebrate the wins along the way.

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‘You Alone’ is available now on Aftown, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music platforms here: You Alone

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