Apple Reportedly Working On In-Display Fingerprint Scanner For 2020 iPhone

Bloomberg has reported via its sources that Apple is working on introducing in-display fingerprint scanners for the 2020 iPhone. According to those close to Apple’s plans, technology is being tested both inside Apple and with its overseas suppliers.

Rumours suggest that the screen-embedded fingerprint scanning could be delayed to 2021 rolling out with Apple’s iPhone refresh which would be eight years after Apple first introduced Touch ID on the iPhone 6. Its Android competitors, such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi Corp, all currently develop models that feature the in-display function.

The in-display fingerprint scanning system would allow users to place their finger on a large portion of the screen to unlock and use the phone in many similar functions we are used to with Apple’s devices. It would work in conjunction with the Face ID system found on the iPhone X, too.

A person familiar with Apple’s development work told Bloomberg that suppliers have managed to create the technology, however, the Cupertino tech giant has yet to mass-produce the integrated security feature. Trudy Muller, a spokesperson, for Apple declined to comment on Bloomberg‘s findings.

In other news, Apple is reportedly planning on updating the mid-range iPhone SE for 2020.



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