8 Reasons Why Relationships Are So Much Harder For Introverts

Psychologists define an introvert as a ‘person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things’.

Now leave this complicated definition aside.

if you are an introvert you know where I am heading and if you’re not you really need to read this!

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Relationships are hard, we all know that, but for some of us, it’s twice as hard because of the personality type.

In general, there are 16 types of personalities that can fall under two major categories; extroverts and introverts.

Extroverts, as in most people that are outgoing, who love to speak their minds and communicate with others easily.

On the other side, introverts are people who tend to be less social, keep to themselves and are less outgoing.

These general personality traits below could be behind why a lot of introverts struggle a bit more with relationships.

It’s hard for them to open up and the way the communicate love might be misunderstood.

They are usually more creative and they make great thinkers, but they find it very difficult when it comes to relationships for many reasons.

These 8 top the list:

1. They use a different type of communication some introverts are usually uneasy around people, especially those they don’t know.

I am not exaggerating, they have trouble with human interaction.

So, it’s difficult to make the first move or really open up to someone trying to get to know them or flirting with them.

They might be more into texting than phone calls, they use little twisted words rather than straight forward ones when it comes to feelings and so on.

2. Trouble expressing their feelings when in a relationship, they have trouble expressing their love, especially verbally.

So, it makes their partner think they don’t love them when it’s really the opposite.

3. Socializing drains them they don’t like parties, gatherings, and socializing, it takes away so much energy from them.

So meeting new people isn’t something they do often. That usually drives people, as in extroverts, away from them.

4. Having fun means different things for them they have fun doing things that excite their inner world, it might be reading or binge-watching.

So, if they’re dating an extrovert who wants to go to parties and gatherings, they might struggle to find common ground.

5. Usually misunderstood because they tend to speak a lot less than most people, people may misunderstand them or mistake them for being arrogant or shy, which gives off the wrong impression about them.

It takes time and patience to understand their real character.

6. Easily Bored they are easily bored with things and people! Introverts usually need people with deep minds and spirit, those who tend to have a unique taste and like to live life to the fullest.

So, they find it hard to find the right people to date.

7. They sometimes tend to be Idealistic sometimes they can be idealistic about their partners and friends. They get really picky when it comes to people which makes the process even harder.

8. They can be really sensitive they can be very sensitive and some of them are HSPs.

This stands for hypersensitive people, meaning that they can easily get hurt really deeply and takes more time to recover emotionally.

Now if you go back up and read the definition once again… you could have a better understanding of what it means!

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