#ThrowbackMusic: 8 E.L Songs We Know You Can Sing Word For Word!

E.L, Lomi…EL Baby!!

People lowkey forget that E.L is a great artiste.

We cannot forget that this versatile young king has given us so many hit songs. We can’t even keep count!

He raps, he sings, he produces and he effortlessly does all genres of music!

If he’s not putting together the hardest bars on his B.A.R mixtape and introducing us to young rising artistes we never gave much thought to, then he’s singing his way into our hearts with really good songs and giving us the perfect ‘detty’ yourself songs.

These songs aren’t really old but they make you nostalgic too!

These songs made us go crazy…

Obuu Mo

How many of you will still detty yourself to this song? In fact, how many of you know the lyrics to the song, word for word? The song was such a jam and was what we did our azonto to!


“No Azontos allowed” lol sagaa!! The song was another perfect azonto song and the video was sooo good!!!!



What did it even mean? We dunno but the song was fire! The perfect song to detty yourself to because the ga elements in it were too crazy! If the Ga gods call…you answer! lmao!

Check My Swagga

Most of us watched the video more than we paid attention to the song because the video was lit!

And these songs made us want to fall in love!!!

Auntie Martha 

This song!! The video!! So beautiful we all had it playing every single day!!!


This song gets everyone hyped because it is a great motivational song! The kind that gives you vim and Manifest on the track just made it all better!


This song was more than a gospel song. Everyone loved it including your mother and your pastor! There was no way anyone would go a day without hearing this song and the best part is, it still bangs!!


Your wedding was lit only if the bride and groom danced to this song!!! I

Lowkey, E.L always had some really dope videos and his songs….they were crazy charle!!

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