These Little Activities Are Causing You To Gain Weight

Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help prevent sneaky weight gain. However, it’s often the little things that pack on the pounds.

Are you curious about your sudden weight gain? Here are some things that might be causing it.

Being too social

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Being too social might be making you gain fat. Social situations often involve food or alcohol, which can easily add unwanted calories to your diet.

Not getting enough sleep

Unfortunately, a lack of sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. This is due to many factors, including hormonal changes and a lack of motivation to exercise

Not eating enough protein

If you replace snacking on chips and other non-healthy foods with high protein foods like nuts and peanut butter, this will help set your body up for success.


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When you don’t poop regularly, waste, toxins and even hormones that our body is trying to rid itself of can get reabsorbed into your body and the hormonal imbalances it causes leads to weight gain.

Sitting for too long

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People who sit longer are more likely to be overweight. In addition, they have higher risks of chronic diseases and early death.

Not eating enough fibre

Fibre helps control your appetite to keep you fuller for longer and so you wouldn’t need to keep eating a lot of things.

Having irregular meals

Constantly eating at irregular times may be harmful to your health and your waistline. People with irregular mealtimes may often feel more hungry and eat more food and have a higher risk of chronic diseases. This includes metabolic syndrome, heart disease, insulin resistance and poor blood sugar control.

Which of these activities do you need to stop immediately?

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