Strongman Declares Himself King Of Gods In The Rap Game, In New Song

A common thing that happens in every music industry is the fight for an invisible crown.

Every rapper wants to be called the best so the minute one or two people tell them they are good rappers, they call themselves, King.

In Ghana, while everyone is busy fighting for King status over mere mortals, Strongman is busy being King of gods!

In his new song, which he calls “King of gods”, Strongman proved to us again, why he’s a great rapper.

The play on words, slight jabs at some people in the industry, his delivery…everything was well done. He calmly breezed through the whole track and left a lasting impact on us at the end of the song.

He literally said: ‘Tell your King I’m the King’s King’ and ‘god of Rap go worship me in synagogues”

We aren’t sure if he’s throwing jabs at Sarkodie (King) or Manifest (godMC) but lol, we love ‘King of gods’

screenshot from social media site, Twitter

This was us the second the song ended!!

screenshot from social media site, Twitter

Strongman just recently had a bloody beef battle with Medikal where people agree that he murdered MDK and won!

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Listen to his new song here and tell us if we are lying about him being a very good rapper!

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