Here Are Some “Weapons” Our Parents Used To Punish Us As Kids

When we were young, unless you came from a sane home where your parents just calmly sat you down and tried to reason with you any time you did something wrong, you have cried countless times from beatings!!

Growing up in an African home meant you could get a beating just from breathing the wrong way and funny enough, most of the times it was our Mothers who carried out the punishments!

These are some of the weapons our parents used

Weapon Name: Spatula (Bankuta)

Special Power: Will slap sense into your body and is likely to send you into shock.

Image result for spatula banku ghana
image of a spatula/ bankuta

It makes delicious food and also serves as a great punishment tool. One smack will make you forget why you are even being beaten with it in the first place lol.

Weapon Name: The Cane

Special Power: sends sharp pains like electric shocks to reignite your sense

Image result for teachers cane

Canes hurt more because you associate it with the school. It is bad enough that your teacher is making you touch your toes for some beating but now, you come home and your mother is also waiting to lash you all over with this disastrous weapon

Weapon Name: Brooms

Special Power: clears the ‘stupidity cobwebs’ from your face in seconds!

Image result for broomstick
image of broomsticks

Sometimes it is thrown at you and then you will get yelled at to pack up the fallen broomsticks. Other times it is used to hit you on your legs lol.

Weapon Name: Belt

Special Power: Will restore you back to default settings before it even lands on your body.

Image result for belt
image of a belt


The punishment with this was usually carried out by the Fathers. Hearing the snap of the belt is enough to make you confess to whatever crime you did or did not commit.

Weapon Name: Slippers/ shoes

Special Power: works like an arrow. Swift and straight on target

Image result for rubber slippers
image of different types of slippers


Mothers loved to unexpectedly throw their slipper and it always hit the target. If you were quick enough, you would be able to shield the impact of the blow and oh, after that, make sure the slipper is returned to your mother or some up-close beatings

Weapon Name: Insults

Special Power: Can do and undo your whole life in a second!

Related image

One shout of just a single insult and your life will flash before your eyes! It is usually paired with other weapons for a wholesome punishment.

Weapon Name: Dramatic tears

Special Power: Will make you hate yourself for a while

Image result for fake tears mother gif

Mothers were skilled at this. They will beat you first, then maybe shed a few tears, mix it up with some drama themselves too to make you feel even worse smh.

Weapon Name: Scarf/Sponge

Special Power: Will smash half of your face in temporarily

Image result for net sponge
image of sponges

Lol, when the scarf is tied in a knot and used to beat you or a wet sponge is used to lash the life out of you that is when you will question yourself “Is my mummy really my mummy”.

Weapon Name: Hands

Special Power: Can perform slaps, knocks, punches,

Image result for african mother slap gif

The hands cause damage everywhere. It could be a single loud slap that will bring you brain back from vacation or multiple hits all over your body that may or may not leave the mark of your parent’s hand as a reminder.

If you can relate, then you know that some of these weapons work best with other weapons!! But did that ever make you do the right thing the next time?

Most likely no.


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