Here Are 4 Signs That Show Your Partner Is Selfish Under The Sheets

Your partner is there during intercourse so that sex won’t be one-sided. After all, you can do things on your own and be fine but the whole point of having the partner there is to have a dual effort. I do you, you do me. Then we both get satisfied.

But as with everything else in the world, there are some partners who cannot seem to understand that simple logic and are very selfish in bed. If he/she is selfish in bed, what shows that they’ll be better in your relationship in general?

They guilt you into having sex

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Sex should be consensual. If you don’t feel like having it you shouldn’t. They should respect your decisions and not try to use “psycho” on you and finally guilt you into having sex. It’s normal to ask for sex but if you say no, what is their reaction? There’s your answer.

They don’t ask for what you like in bed

Even if you have the highest number of body counts you cannot assume you know what everybody likes. Not everyone will like certain positions or moves in bed, so it’s best to ask your partner for feedback in order to make the sexual experience more pleasurable for him/her. If you don’t ask, you’re being uncaring.

They Skip Foreplay Altogether, Even If You Like It

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Foreplay is usually needed for most ladies to “get there”. If your partner knows this and still doesn’t invest time in getting you in all your feelings and turn you on, they’re selfish

They don’t wait for you to orgasm

It’s a problem If you are left hanging after they have climaxed, or your partner doesn’t bother to ask you if you’re satisfied.

If they do these things, have a talk with them and if it still continues… well… change your partner.

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