Bibi Bright Tells Ghanaians To Stop Using South Africa’s MTN

Bibi Bright
Bibi Bright

Ghanaian actress, Bibi Bright has advised her country folks to stop using MTN-which is a South African telecommunication company.

Bibi’s call comes on heels of the recent xenophobic attacks in some parts of South Africa on Nigerians and other foreigners which have claimed about five (5) lives and many others injured.

In a post on her Instagram page-which was sighted by, the actress wrote: “Just left the Glo office! Ported my number from MTN (South African) company to Glo (my brother Nigerian) company.! Today it’s Nigerians, tomorrow it may be Ghanaians in SA been killed! Let’s not wait till it’s our turn!”

She added: “Ghanaian celebrities throw your weight behind Nigeria! The pain these videos caused me as a Ghanaian, I can imagine what our brothers and sisters in Nigeria are going through! No one deserves to die this way. This is too much! For South Africans to do this to us? This isn’t their first time! It will not be their last!”

Bibi Bright concluded: “I urge all my colleagues to entreat their fan base to port from Mtn to Glo!”



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We will not burn down shops, we will not ask them to close down.! Let’s hit them in their pockets! Imagine if people port, didn’t buy credits for a day or buy from shop rite in a day! Do you know how much money these South African counties will loose? Every business man cannot lose out a day! Ghanaians let’s hit them in their pockets! Push them till they move and urge their South African government to find a final solution to these attacks! They have been killing us since 2008.! We are tired of social media posts, and governments meeting to talk, a speech from South African government is NOT enough! We want actions!!! Let this be the last of these attacks! If they like All South African companies should move back to their countries and give their services to only South Africans, let see if they will survive without Africa as a whole! Nigerians aren’t the only ones reported to be killed, they may be the main target today. Tomorrow it may be Ghanaians! Don’t say we have ppl working at Mtn so we can’t take action. No one is asking Mtn to close down, they won’t hear us unless we talk in a language they understand best. Go after their pockets! #PortMtntoGlo #PortMtntovoda #portMtntotigo #boycottShoprit #boycottAnythingSouthAfrican

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