#SayNoToXenophobia: How Nigeria And South Africa Are Very Alike

The xenophobic attacks currently happening in South Africa, have gained worldwide attention and sparked conversations online about what it means to be African.

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Currently, Nigerians are extremely disgusted and mad at South Africans for the inhumane acts towards their people and unfortunately, this has resulted in Nigerians and South Africans fighting on Social Media with Nigerians even going to the extent of attacking South African owned companies in Nigeria as a form of retaliation.

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It’s sad that such a thing is currently happening between the two countries in Africa and maybe we need to be reminded that we are more alike than different!!

Image result for nigeria and south african flag
The South African and Nigerian flags

First and most importantly, we are all Africans. That’s enough to understand how deep the feeling of brotherhood runs. As Africans, we have all experienced the cruelty that was slavery and the racism that we suffer in the Western World. The two countries don’t have to be ‘neighbours’ to understand that it is important to be in solidarity and act as one all the time.

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Both countries are former British colonies and members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the African Union. Nigeria was one of the most active supporters of South Africa during the Apartheid period. They issued out over 300 passports to South Africans who were seeking to leave the country for their own safety.

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Music is an important cultural element in Africa. Nigeria and South Africa are two countries that are doing so well, pushing their music across every border. When you think ‘Music in Africa’, the top 6 names will definitely include artistes from South Africa and Nigeria.  South Africa has the internationally acclaimed rappers and artistes; AKA, Nasty C, Cassper Nyovest, Black Coffee and more doing amazing with their music and Nigeria also has Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido and countless others who are also doing their part to show the west what Africa is really made up of musically.

Both countries make such good music!!! South Africa’s house music and GQOM genre have found its’ way into most Afrobeats music. It is now being fused into the Afrobeats genre, resulting in a unique and distinct sound that makes everyone dance! Nigerians have run with the afrobeat genre, doing amazing music that is getting danced to by people all over the world. Both countries are so obviously good with music which is why lots of International acts are always collaborating with their artistes.

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These two countries have represented Africa, giving us all a win when an artiste from either country wins an award. The BET Awards introduced the ‘Best International Act: Africa’ category to honour the outstanding achievements of international artists from Africa. So far, Nigeria’s Wizkid has got the most wins and South Africa’s Black Coffee won in 2016.

Both countries have had their dances going viral to the extent that it didn’t just become a dance in your country but worldwide! The world went into a frenzy when Beyonce danced the South African dance, ‘Gwara Gwara’ on the 2018 Grammy’s stage and Nigerians have seen their ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance go viral!!!

The two countries have done a lot in contributing to the perception people have of Africa and fighting each other is not the way to go now! Not when the West has become even more interested in Africa and us, Africans are doing what we can to change the ‘barbaric’ narrative people have of Africans.

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