KNUST: Dear Fresher, Here Are The Things You Need To Have A Great Stay On Campus

After admission “wahala”, having an idea of what to bring to campus is another hurdle freshers need to cross.

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Its no surprise due to their naivety, some do bring along chop boxes, trunks, mattresses and other things when coming to school.

Chill let’s make this extra simple for you. Might look like a tall shopping list but worth the read to save you some embarrassment…

Hot Plate/electrical burner (gas cookers are *NOT* allowed)

Rice cooker


Electric Iron


Pen drive

Extension board

An iron

Exercise books (The halls, through the JCR, provide about 3 or 4 books which are not enough and sometimes delay)

A file to store important documents and receipts


Small-sized saucepans, a frying pan & other basic kitchen equipment

Plates, bowls, cups & cutlery


Small-sized barrel in case of water shortages

Basic essentials (clothes, shoes, bags) please go easy on the “shaddas”.Simplicity is advised.

Beddings. We’re talking sheets, pillowcases, sleeping clothes and all. Pack extras too, please!

Toiletries…basic bath essentials are included in this.

Dress hangers

Laundry items (Clothing line pegs, detergent etc)

First aid medicines and sewing kit for emergencies.

Passport pictures for hall registration


Mini Fridge (optional)

Microwave (optional)

Check twice to ensure you’ve got everything covered.

Pack up simple and nice and keep your items safe.

Welcome and enjoy your tertiary experience.

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