It Might Not Seem Like A Big Deal For You But Here Are Some Things You Should Never Do In Some Countries

In as much as you might be travelling to relax and experience a new culture, you need to know that some things that are probably normal for you are considered rude and unacceptable in another country.

Don’t eat everything on your plate in China

Image result for finished eating plate
Leftovers on a plate

That shows your host didn’t provide enough food or a filling meal. Along with leaving a little, it’s fine to burp after eating, as a compliment to the chef.

Don’t kiss in public in India

It can get you into jail. No physical contact with the opposite sex is allowed.

Don’t give Tips in Japan

It’s seen as degrading.

Avoid eye contact in China

Image result for avoid eye contact
Avoiding eye contact

It’s considered a sign of disrespect toward another person. Chinese people do it when they are angry at somebody.

Putting your foot on the people of Thailand’s money will turn you into a criminal and you will be treated as such.

Remove your footwear when entering Indian Temples or homes

When you are entering a temple or somebody’s home you are supposed to take off your shoes.

Do not wish an early happy birthday to someone in Germany

Image result for black person blowing candles on birthday cake
Candles on a cake

Germans are superstitious about this because they believe things will fail if you wish them. So, wishing a German an early happy birthday could make them fear bad luck.

Never eat with your hands in Chile

It is considered very rude to eat with your hands in public in Chile, and yes, that includes fries!

Lol! Which one shocked you the most?

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