Here Are 4 Places You Should Never Put Your Phone

Generally, everyone goes out with a phone with them. Hardly will you find someone leaving home without their phones. If you leave it saf you would find your way back home for it. However, research shows that there are a lot of places where you shouldn’t keep your phone for long periods since it may actually end up damaging your health or your phone.

In your Bra

Image result for putting phone in bra
Phone in bra

Never put your cell phone in the bra because it has been discovered that it increases the risk of breast cancer.

Back pocket

First of all, you might forget its there and you will sit on it and crack its screen. Pickpockets can get hold of it or even butt dial someone.

Under your pillow

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Phone charging

Radiation may cause you to experience dizziness or headaches, and if your screen lights up with each notification you receive, your melatonin production may also end up being disrupted.

Leaving it on charge

Leaving your cell phone charging all night long won’t harm your health, it’ll significantly reduce the battery’s efficiency and reduce your phone’s lifespan.

Which of these are you guilty of?

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