Happy BeyDay! Check Out 5 Times Beyonce Broke The Internet

It’s the Queen’s birthday and it’s only fitting that we acknowledge the number of times she broke the internet with either her music or the happenings in her life.

When the Met Gala elevator clip leaked

Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange coming out of the elevator

Who can forget that memorable interaction in the elevator? A video of Beyonce’s sister, Solange, attacking Jay-Z in the elevator leaked and the internet went wild because Queen Bey was so chill about it all. What killed everyone the most was the fact that there was no sound. The couple later released a statement about the drama. Of course, they didn’t tell us what the fight was about but we were left to speculate if it was about “Becky with the good hair”.

The announcement that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy at the 2011 MTV VMAs

Beyonce reveals baby bump at the Video Music Awards 2011.

She performed ‘Love On Top’, absolutely slaying her performance and at the end opened her jacket, revealing a baby bump, which she lovingly rubbed. That announcement had almost 9 000 retweets per second (and made it to Guinness Book of Records).

The surprise album drop in 2013, “Beyonce”

Beyonce album cover

She quietly releasing her self-titled fifth record to iTunes just before midnight on December 13. She did zilch to promote it, yet 80,000 copies were downloaded in three hours! Bow. Down.


Lemonade album cover

We are still shocked someone can cheat on her majesty! How? What more could you want Jay Z? Who is Becky with the good hair guys?? We are still looking for her.

The announcement that she was pregnant with her Twins

Beyonce pregnant with her twins

It was not enough to break the Twitter record, sis had to do same to Instagram. A day after she had posted this image, it became the most-liked image on Instagram (OF ALL TIME). Yes, that record has since been broken by an egg.

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Which of these can you never forget?

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