According To A Young Ghanaian, This Is The Average Ghanaian’s Typical Life Cycle

Once school is over, some people naturally start to wonder what’s next?

In Ghana, it’s actually quite easy to figure out what is next. The hard part isn’t about knowing the stage, the hard part is thinking of what you want to do during that stage and if you want to do it all.

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A twitter user, @1tedBaker gave his view on what the Ghanaian life cycle is.

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For him, the most important thing is graduating from the University and… that’s when life really starts right?? That’s when you realize your parents aren’t going to give you money just because you asked.

After graduating, the next thing to do is your National Service. NSS is very important here in Ghana. You have to serve the nation even if it means going to buy waakye every morning for everyone in the office.

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Now, after National Service, what’s next?

It depends.

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If you get retained at the organization or company you did your National Service, then you just go ahead and work there. If you get employed elsewhere too, that’s fine because, at the end of the day, the important thing is, you have a job!

Now if you don’t get a job, if you can, you will probably go do your Masters. It could be in any University in Ghana or maybe, you’d get to travel to go study something for your Master’s Degree.

That’s fine.

After your one or two years of studying for your Masters, you will definitely have to go get a job. It might be your dream job, it might not be…but the important thing is you need to get a job because life is too hard to be thinking you can keep depending on your parents for everything!

It’s time for you to take care of them! If you have little siblings who need taking care of, then sorry!

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Surviving also means moving out and getting your own place because you are growing and more importantly, the next stage in life is already throwing itself at you.


This stage is pushed on every young person by any family member or grown-up you meet: “When are you getting married?” “Where is your husband?” “Won’t you bring our wife home?” Your mates from school will also contribute to that pressure.


lol suddenly, everyone is getting married and you have too many pictures being the guest at a wedding so what do you do? you either find the love of your life and get married too or you find someone to marry because that is the next stage in life right?

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Is this the end? Nope.

You must give birth (don’t start shouting just yet. This is the Ghanaian life cycle please). In Ghana, a week after your wedding, people will start pointedly looking at the wife’s belly because they expect a baby and..soon!!

The more babies you have, the better because they will keep asking, “where is your child’s back born?”

Now that you have kids, you are happy and all but, guess what? you will have to start the whole process again!! The difference is, this time, it’s for your kids.

You will work every day just to make sure you put them through school until years later they also graduate, start their Service, get a job and start their own process…

The circle of life in Ghana! This is the tweet that got us thinking:

So, what do you think? Do you agree with him? Is this the natural life cycle of most Ghanaians? Are you currently in the cycle, have you seen others in that cycle? Did you sway away from the cycle?

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