Here Are 5 Most Common Reasons Why Most Marriages End Up In Divorce

We know that most of y’all are in loving relationships and hoping that one day the question will pop up and you’ll get married.

The truth of the matter is that marriage isn’t the happily ever after we’ve seen in movies and fairytales. Those ones always end at the wedding ceremony which shows a really happy couple but between you and us, we know the bride is probably frustrated because the food that was supposed to cater for everyone wasn’t enough and she’s worried about what the others will eat.

So yeah… marriage isn’t all rosy as TV claims. Here are some reasons why some marriages end up in divorce.

Communication Problems

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If you don’t communicate what your issues are how will the other person know? There is always the need to be vocal and also know how to express your concerns. If you don’t speak to each other with respect it’s going to be a problem between you. Some need to learn how to control their outbursts whiles others need help with learning how to open up about how they’re feeling. If you don’t put in the work, the marriage might as well be dead already.

One partner feels suffocated

Let’s face it. Waking up into a house filled with the same face can get kind of boring. Sometimes you just want the weekend all to yourself without your partner and they should be able to understand that. You don’t always have to be together. You were your own separate people before you became married and to some extent, this should remain the same. Leaving your partner for say 2 days can allow you to appreciate them more and acknowledge how much they mean to you.


This is a huge deal-breaker for most people. No matter how bored you think you are with your relationship there’s no reason to cheat. If you don’t want to be in the relationship anymore, break it off. It might hurt but your partner being with another person sexually or even emotionally hurts even more. When your spouse cheats on you, it’s very difficult to come to terms with what happened. More often than not, this will wind up being the end of the relationship.

Money Issues

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Whether it’s about a partner losing a job or isn’t focused on being financially successful, it can hurt them in the eyes of their spouse. Financial problems are a real concern inside of a marriage. Love is okay in the marriage but money is really needed too! Once there are kids in the picture, the money issues become even bigger.


This should be killed once you’re in a relationship. It has to go! The marriage will not be successful if both of you hold on to your egos. If you did something wrong, swallow your pride and call the other and apologise. It’s as simple as that. Y’all cannot be quarrelling and giving each other silent treatments like you guys are kids.

In as much as you work on these within marriages, in the dating stages, these should be mastered. It’s not when you’re married that you are now going to learn how to communicate with your partner.

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