You Deserve To Be An English Professor If You Pass This Vocabulary Quiz

What is the meaning of Deft?

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Neatly skilful and quick in one's movements. eg: To make it work requires a deft hand.

What is the meaning of Obscure?

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Not discovered or known about; uncertain. eg: The book contains little plot, an abundance of obscure poetry and the untimely death of three protagonists.

What is the meaning of Imperious?

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arrogant and domineering. eg: It was a little scary how quickly he flipped from friendly to imperious.

What is the meaning of Concoction?

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A mixture of various ingredients or elements. eg: There are some food combos that blend beautifully with each other to create truly tasty concoctions.

What is the meaning of Versatile?

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able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. eg: Eggs are among the most versatile foods and the proteins change when you heat them, beat them or mix them with other ingredients.

What is the meaning of Plaudit?

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an expression of praise or approval. eg: Miss Segoe made light of the plaudits showered upon her in the office.

What is the meaning of Exasperation?

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Irritate and frustrate (someone) intensely. eg: Like many a teenager on his school holidays, Parys is in bed, his mother explains with exasperation

What is the meaning of Brackish?

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(of water) slightly salty, as in river estuaries. eg: Brackish water can be used, but freshwater is easier and less costly.

What is the meaning of Maxim?

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A short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct. eg: It is the maxim by which every entrepreneur lives.

What is the meaning of Adversary?

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One's opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute. eg: The students are united by shared suffering, and by a common adversary.

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