Here Is How To Grow And Maintain Your Edges

It’s not all about laying those tiny hairs you call baby hairs, you need to grow them too!

Some of you cannot go out without laying your edges because, without all that gel, it looks absolutely terrible and you know it!

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The hair around the hairline is finer and more fragile than the hair strands throughout the rest of the scalp and so it’s really necessary to take care of them.

Many women, whether natural or relaxed, are experiencing thinning edges due to excessive styling and/or bad styling habits.

Honestly, the thinning of edges can happen to anyone and may happen regardless of doing everything right so don’t feel some type of way if it happens to you.

The first thing to do is to not make the problem worse. It can be an embarrassing situation to find yourself in cuz everyone can see when you have thinning edges if you do not cover it up but the covering up can be the problem. You are not the first person with this problem and unfortunately, you will not be the last. You need to let go of the embarrassment you feel and decide to grow your hair.

Spoiler alert; It won’t become better after 2 weeks!

Know what is causing you to lose your edges

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thinned out edges

You need to know what’s causing you to lose the hair on your hairline. For example, relaxers can accelerate hair loss for people who have a sensitive scalp, or if they relax their hairline sooner than six to eight weeks. The edges should be the last place the relaxer is applied since it is a fragile area that tends to burn fast.

Limit the use of extensions or high maintenance styles

Sometimes it isn’t really about the hairstyle though… sometimes it’s about the hairstylist you’re going to. If you’re doing certain hairstyles and fixing some weaves, the cornrows shouldn’t stress your edges. Your edges should be left to breathe! You need to let your hairstylist know that edges are weak and should be left alone!

Use satin bonnets

Satin bonnets help you retain moisture and all the oils you put in your hair. It helps reduce the friction between your hair and pillowcase.

Stop using heat on it

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Natural hair with thin edges

You want to do that high pony and your edges aren’t following your instructions and so you want to straighten them so they look nice. Reject it! Forget it! If your edges are thinning, take a break from the heat, and even if your edges are healthy, turn down the heat and use it less often.

Be Patient!!

Caring for your hair takes time! No cream will magically make the edges appear!

Reduce the manipulations and if you follow these steps, you’ll see results.

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