Five Reasons You Should leave Your Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Have A Car


People keep asking their partners about where their relationships are going and this question is legitimate. A relationship is meant to be a thrilling ride for all involved and the least you can do is to ensure the ride belongs to your man else, walk away from the stress. If your boo doesn’t have a car, here are five reasons why you should walk away or better still drive away with another man.


The Relationship Is Going Nowhere

A relationSHIP is supposed to take you somewhere and without the means of locomotion, where are you possibly going? Don’t tell me taxis and troskies will take you somewhere because all the places that matter have a NO TAXIS ALLOWED sign at the entrance

Car Sex

How are you possibly going to enjoy the pleasures of car sex if your boyfriend doesn’t have a car of his own? Will you charter a taxi and send the driver to buy you roasted corn so you can get freaky? stress!

Ride Or Die

A boyfriend is meant to be your Ride Or Die but i don’t see how that will happen if the boy has no ride. Your relationship is bound to die in the absence of a ride. I’m sorry the truth hurts

Drive You Crazy

Every woman needs a man who drives her crazy in many good ways. If your man has no ride he surely doesn’t have the license or the means to drive you safely not to talk of crazy. Leave him girl!

Spark Up Your Love Life

Where is the spark in a relationship where the guy has no car keys? What will he use to turn you on, or turn the ignition to your happiness? A man without a car can’t spark any happiness in your life, leave him and go where the grass is greener


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  1. When I saw the link I thought it was something serious. What car was ur dad driving when ur mum met him?? Do u know what it takes to buy a car??

  2. Okay so am wondering if who ever wrote this has a car if its a guy and if its a lady too whether the boyfriend has a car. Interesting though


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