Fancy Gadam’s New Music Video For ‘3b3y3 yie’ Is So Aesthetically Pleasing!

Fancy Gadam is a well-known artiste in Ghana, especially in the Northern part where his following is MASSIVE!!!! The artiste who won the 2018 Most popular song of the year at the 2018 VGMAs has been doing so well in the music industry, repping the Northern side of Ghana ad making impacts with his music, here in Accra, all the way from the north!!

He’s proud of his people and doesn’t hesitate to show it!

He dropped the music video for a new song on 31st August and it’s…beautiful.

The song titled ‘3b3yie’ is basically a relatable one, talking about the need to want to make money, the pressures from people and the fact that we need to understand that in time, things will get better.

The video is his best so far and has such amazing visuals!

The women, face painting, kids, the model, his clothing, everything gave a perfect representation of the North.

Funny thing is, he didn’t really sing in his usual dialect, Dagbani but still, the song is dope and the aesthetics…amazing!!!

a woman and her baby in Fancy Gadam’s video

These are what stood out for us!

The beautiful setting that clearly shows us how beautiful the North can really look like…

landscape view from Fancy Gadam’s video


screenshot of the sun rising in Fancy Gadam’s video

The face paints we know is synonymous with the Northern people…

a model from Fancy Gadam’s video


a model from Fancy Gadam’s video

The fashion details, all very Afrocentric

Kente and beads detail from Fancy Gadam’s video


model walking out from the sunset in Fancy Gadam’s video


Fancy Gadam


Dancers in Fancy Gadam’s video


Fancy Gadam

There’s a reason he’s called the King In The North!

It’s really amazing that artistes are beginning to incorporate our culture in their music!!

Watch the video and appreciate the beauty here:

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