10 Things You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up And Why You Probably Changed Your Mind

what we wanted to do as kids


Ignorance they say is bliss. Growing up, many of us aspired to certain professions until certain realities dawned on us or we realized they were not as prestigious as we imagined.

Air Hostess

Many people just liked the sound of it, others till date don’t know what the exact job description is. Basically there’s no train of courses to do in Ghana to become an air hostess or specialized institutions to attend. Some people also realized that an air hostess is a glorified waitress and so they abandoned the dream


It was the most prestigious job back in the day. Then we realized we had to study science in high school, not have friends or a social life and get over our squeamishness at the sight of blood and dead bodies… adios amigos


Well, every child aspired unto the highest office of the land, then growing up made us realize the position is open once in four years and involved either influential relatives or climbing slowly from foot soldier through MP to Minister and the chances are 1 in 100,000.


Who didn’t covet the power of a teacher? Flogging the terrifying bullies till they broke down and wept like Jesus or putting the annoying know-it-all’s in their place with a 2/20 score and announcing it in front of class to shut them up for a week. We soon realized how poorly they were rewarded for their dedicated work and changed our minds

First lady

Well, you will have to be a better scout than Arsene Wenger to find the one guy who is likely to be president! Too much work, bye Felicia!

Bank manager

Many people realized they’d be lucky to end up as Branch Managers even so many settled for Tellers and have reduced their prayer topics accordingly.


Did your parents tell you that due to the many lies lawyers tell as part of practicing their profession, they are placed face-down in their coffins when they die? Did they also tell you that no lawyer has ever found a place in heaven… well, except Prof Attah Mills who is technically not a lawyer?


In the days of Gifty Anti and Emma Morrison, they were many children’s dream until politicians dragged them into the cesspool of lies and corruption and suddenly, it wasn’t prestigious anymore.


We realized we needed to get “the call” first. So while we wait, we are doing other stuff


A stern warning and sound thrashing made us change our mind from such an unambitious job that will be a total waste of school fees.


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