When Is The Right Time To Fart In A Relationship

Woman farts on man in relationship

Right after you have had sex! …..

I’m not really kidding but I’m just kidding. Once you start sleeping  over at each other’s place dier, it’s time to crack that butt to end that fantasy that you didn’t have human bodies.

Eeii but for me to do it first then it will be someway paa dier, I will wait for my partner to spoil there first.

First date too no be bad oo …. if we vibe then what time is there to waste. Colon cancer is real, excuse me.

Ebeii s3 aden nti? If you are the type that waits for months, be careful not to be exploding Al Qaeda bombs on your twin towers

No long talk here. Farting in front of your partner means one thing- that you are comfortable enough to share such funny moments with each other irrespective of the time it takes to get to that level. So if you can’t be comfortable around someone you claim to love, should you guys be together in the first place?





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