“THE GIRLS WILL COME LATER”, and 7 Other Pieces of Advice You Should Have Listened To

You know how parents just won’t shut up about some things. Always advising and stuff. Well, turns out they were on to something, after all.

Here are 8 pieces of advice that we all probably didn’t follow, but definitely should have.

Spend Less, Save More

The secret to getting rich is this. But then, you saw the new iPhone. And are those Louboutins? In 10 years, that GHS 3000 could be a GHS 30,000 investment, but you know what the iPhone 6 will be? Scrap!

Study Hard

Depending on what tribe you’re from, you probably heard “Study Hard” or, at least 17 of its many remixes, at various points in your life. You probably didn’t listen. Because, come on, does anybody like to study? Well, you probably should have…because the smart people are moving ahead in life, and all you have to show off is 4000 friends on Facebook.

Get Girls Later (The Girls Will Come Later)

Forget about the girls now, finish school and they’ll come like water”. Funny, I’d never noticed that pun until just now. Girls, girls, girls…or, you know, bottomless receptacles of precious time and money. Calculate all the money you spent directly or indirectly on a girl or trying to impress girls. Does that make my point?

Find Some Work To Do

If you’re lazy, you’ve probably heard it thrown about caustically every now and then, “You won’t go and find some work to do“. You didn’t listen. Well, you should have, because, you know what’s better than good grades? A great CV! And you know what gives you a great CV at this stage in your life? Internships, that’s right!

Focus On God

The bible says don’t go to party. The bible says humble yourself. The bible says your body is the temple of the lord, so don’t have sex. And lead us not into temptation, so you can’t buy that dress either. You can’t drink alcohol, and you can’t do drugs. If you focused on God, like where you’d be in life eh? Look At how much time and money the Bible would have saved you.

Make Good Friends

Your friends will determine your trajectory, more than half the time. If you have friends who are always studying and thinking up ways to better their lives, you’re more likely to follow in that trend. If you have friends who are always smoking and talking about girls, there’s a small chance you could still be better than that…I just wouldn’t bet on it.

Wake up early

The secret to a successful career is Time Management. The less you sleep, the more time you have on your hands to accomplish something. Yah!

Don’t Lend

Whatever you do, keep this golden rule. Do not lend money. Don’t do it. You should have listened. But you didn’t. Well now, you can. Write off a few bad debts and move it along, bro. Don’t lend any more money!