Struggles You Know If You’ve Ever Been In Love With Your Bestfriend

1. When she says things like ‘you’re the best thing that has happened to me’

But why are we not taking this further, please?


2. Why aren’t these guys more like you?

You realise you can forget about LIKE ME and get ME, right?


3. When she wants you to tell her whether something her crush did means he’s interested


4. When she goes from ‘I hate him, i am done.’ to ‘I’ve never loved anyone like i love him’


5. When you speak of how unlucky you are with love and other people offer their love 


6. When she asks about a girl she saw you with


7. When she acts fake jealous about other girls in your life 
Baby, is this a sign?


8. When her mother starts asking you who she is dating 
‘Is it that bad? Can’t you suspect me like a normal parent?’


9. When she makes out with her boyfriend in front of you

‘Dear ground, do you swallow?’


10. Not knowing the right time to tell her how you feel especially when she’s just gone through a break up

“I’ve been meaning to tel…take you to lunch. Are you hungry”


11. When she wants you to give her advice on how to keep her man 

Aren’t there more qualified people for this kind of thing?


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