Girls, This Is How You Deal With Your Man’s Female Friends


Your guy’s female friends are the scariest competition you’d ever face whiles dating him. You are thinking of giving up on him already? Wait up and lets run you through how to deal with them

Be A Lady?

Being a lady is overrated, times are hard ooo, my lady. Be a lady for the where? Match his female friends boot for boot. Shake off the competition and make them know they can’t beat you. Whatever they try to do with him, do twice as much. If you can’t beat them, pull their wigs and make them suffer, LOL.


Be An FBI Agent

Their subtle nature means you have to work around the clock to shake off advances before they actually advance. You know what they say about a jealous girlfriend? Do a better job at knowing what he’s up to… a better job than BNI, FBI, CIA and MI6 combined.

Hold Him Tight

The more freedom he has, the likelihood for his female friends to ride on the freedom and snatch him. hw333!! Jesus didn’t die for you to have the freedom to flirt with your friends ooo. In fact, keep him closer than your phone.

Losing The Battle?

Pa Papa Pa… Awayyy! Sing V.I.P’s  ‘Away’ to him when you think you are losing the fight. You don’t want to be dropped, Oh naa, you are bigger than that!




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