8 Things All Real Tema Boys Can Relate To

You For Bia Street

This is the street tax you pay to the ruling class of every neighbourhood, which is basically made up of thugs, hoodlums, con artists, drug users, body builders, aspiring rappers and delinquents. It’s like keeping a thug on retainer. You don’t know when you might need him, but you keep him around with “street dues” just in case.

Every true Tema boy has paid street before. Every true Tema boy has a gangsta he can go to, whenever he has a fight. So which one is yours? Yaro? The Twins? Ahmed?

Bra Kwei and Friends

Every true Tema boy has spent some time of his life at a Game centre. If you were sheltered and you had your own game at home, and all that stuff. You don’t really count. You’re technically an Accra boy, but we’ll get to that.
If you lived at 4, you’ve been to Bra Kwei. Don’t deny your past. You know you’ve been there. If you were at Community 9 or 8, then you know you’ve done Kofi Gyedu/Bra Ato.

Hate Rich People, hate Rich People’s children, hate Accra people

You’ve got to have had some disdain for (a) Rich people (b) Dadabees (c) Accra people when you were growing up. If you didn’t, you were one of them. Rich people because “make them commot for there”. Rich people’s children because they don’t really know anything about hustling, and so “make them too, make them commot for there”. As for Accra people, we for line them all up, make them all “come take some slaps”.

Fraud Boy Connect

Ever since Leslie made it so much big and so much real back in 06, the online fraud business has found its headquarters in Tema. Every Tema boy knows someone that has made a fortune off of scamming white people online. If you don’t know them personally kraa, you know them.

Love Our Artists

Other than Shatta Wale who has a massive following in Nima (where he’s not even from) and V.I.P who have had a cult following among ghetto youth, it’s hard to imagine any other artist from Accra getting as much love and support as Yaa Pono, Opanka, Sarkodie and R2Bees get from Tema. We love our artists. We feel as much a part of their success as their family. We big them up, and even when they don’t make it out of Tema, they are able to feed themselves off of performing in Tema alone. DC people don’t even look Samini’s way, LMAO.

Lashibi is Tema

Sakumono people. Lashibi people. Run all you want, you’re Tema. We don’t really book you people plenty, because you’re too dadaba for our tastes, but you’re still Tema. You like, you no like, you dey Tema.

It must hurt, but you be Tema.

Tema people.

Community 4 Court Hype

Does anyone understand what the hype is about?

Ranger For President

Enough said.


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